Guided tours

Audioguida dell'accompagnatoreIf you are an organized group, even multi-lingual, and do not have an experienced art and history guide in the group, the Happy Guide system can completely replace this person. The tour escort will distribute audioguides to all tour members: each will select his or her own language. All audio guides will be linked to the tour escort’s audio guide, who will transmit the correct signal only at the right time. The tour escort’s audio guide will have all the features enabled (IR keyboard, GPS and RF) while the audio guides for visitors will be setup only for passive reception of the signal and volume adjustment.

RF card The tour escort may, with a special command, release group members from his control with a radio command, so that each audio guide becomes independent and the tourist can freely manage a moment of the tour. Released audio guides hold their group membership in memory and can subsequently be connected again to the tour escort’s audio guide: this way, the group is reformed.

audioguide: uso in gruppo

Reed A day of sightseeing in the Romagna.