Technical specifications

SD card

SD cardUsing a removable SD card has many advantages. First of all, it provides the possibility to upgrade or prepare new SD cards even when the audioguides are in use.
Second, it gives the option to dedicate a part of the audioguides in stock to a temporary exhibition and, once over, return them to normal use.

Third, it allows the ability to temporarily lend a set of audioguides to a nearby institution, who can prepare its own SD cards without the need to buy new audioguides.
No costly equipment is needed to insert the text in the SD card, just a PC and a standard card recorder.

AGS Manager Software

Software Happy GuideThis software is provided to those who want to program the SD card by themselves.
All captions must be prepared first, in the various languages, in MP3 format, numbered and transferred to the SD memory card according to the instructions.

A special file named “config.sys” contains instructions on the audioguide operation settings:

  • with IR transmitter, RF transmitter, or with the GPS antenna
  • alone, in a group or mixed use
  • with automatic immediate listening or by pressing the PLAY button
  • if audioguide usage statistics have to be recorded or not

Battery charger

Caricabatterie multicassetto Caricabatterie semplice
Multi-module (on the left) and single tray (on the right) battery charger.

The battery charger is a modular, expandable metal structure with a separate power supply. It consists of 1 to 5 modules, where each module contains up to 10 audioguides and completes the charge in 8 hours (when batteries are fully discharged).
A simpler version with only a single tray is also available (see photograph above).

Usage Statistics

Statistiche di utilizzo delle audioguide

The charger can be equipped with a card capable of downloading the usage statistics of each audioguide.
When the audioguide is connected to the battery charger, data is stored in the “Statistics Card” and subsequently can be downloaded to a PC using the “AGS Statistics software”.
The data includes:

  • number of times the unit has been turned on, per language
  • number of times a caption has been played, per language.

Special applications

Special features have been developed to allow the use of audioguides by the blind, visually impaired or people unable to use their hands.

All information provided is subject to change without prior notice.